Review: Cail Bruich - Glasgow's best Restaurant?

Cail Bruich has long been one of our favourite restaurants in Glasgow, on each of our two previous visit's we found the food and service to be of a high standard. A year had passed since our last visit so we booked in full of excitement to see if the restaurant was keeping up the high standards set before.


Cail Bruich is a small family run restaurant on Great Western road (blink and you'll miss it). It serves modern Scottish cuisine with French cooking techniques.The restaurant has firm beliefs in using fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Since opening in 2006 the restaurant has gained a solid reputation and a string of awards. The restaurant currently has two AA rosettes; has earned a place on the Michelin guide; and in 2013 the restaurant won the Entertainment award: Scotland restaurant of the year.

So finally after a years wait we finally were back at Cail Bruich. On arrival we were greeted by a new front of house waiter rather than the owner Paul, his welcome was warm and friendly and it felt as if he had being doing the job for years. The restaurant has a classy feel to it, in it's small dining room.

Haggis bonbons; green olives; royal parmesan gougers
The canapes were a delightful way to start the meal, our favourite had to be the haggis bonbon which was incredible rich and flavorsome, and a nice Scottish signature.


A beautiful white french baguette, a cheese bread roll and a brown roll. All three were baked well and served warm, we were served with an additional portion to accompany the main course.                                                    


We were taken to our seats and shown the menus for the night, where you can choose from the reasonably priced market menu, a la carte and a five or seven course tasting menu. We opted for the five course menu which is £40 per person, which we thought was great value.

Potato and leek velouté, lemon créme fresh.
The velouté was silky smooth and packed full of flavour. The sharpness of the lemon cut through the smoothness of the velouté making it the perfect match. The sunflower seeds on top gave the dish an added crunch and texture, which again worked well.

Salmon Ceviche, lettuce and wasabi puree,
toasted rice, soy jelly.
The salmon was incredibly soft and well seasoned. The puree was packed full of flavor and went well with the salmon. We weren't sure about the sound of the toasted rice but it was an unique twist and added another dimension to the dish.

Scrabster coley, curried cauliflower, capers,
raisins shellfish emulsion.
Wow, this has to be the best dish we have tasted this year! The Coley was cooked perfectly and incredibly soft, the curried cauliflower added a bit of spice to the dish. There was a lot of different components to the dish but all worked and created a heavenly dish. We liked the aspect of creating the couscous from the cauliflower and having the capers to accompany this.

Ox cheek, smoked potato, onion.
The cheek was cooked well and had little fat, the jus was really rich and full of a pungent flavour. The potatoes were lovely and smooth and the smokey aspect was a nice change.


A really good cheese board at an extra £8, well worth it as each cheese had a different taste, texture and small. The only complaint we had, was not having enough crackers but this may just be because we are greedy.

Mango creme, exotic fruit, coconut sorbet,
Valhorna chocolate, cremaux.
This is not a dessert we would normally choose from a menu; but when the dish arrived we were more than impressed. The various fruit flavors created an exotic tasting desert where we loved every mouthful. The coconut sorbet was a fantastic pallet cleanser, cutting through the incredibly rich chocolate cremaux.

Wow, our first two visit's to Cail Bruich left us satisfied but this was an outstanding meal. Every course was presented and cooked to a very high standard. Some dishes had lots of different ingredients but each served a purpose and all worked perfectly together. We noticed some small changes such the new plates which we found added to the whole experience.

Cappuccino with tarragon dark chocolate
and sea salt milk chocolate. 
The restaurant was full on the Tuesday night that we went, but we had no complaints at all about service and presentation. Each person that served us was very professional and knowledgeable about the menu's. Special mention to the head waiter, we never got his name but he is a credit to the restaurant, welcoming all guests warmly and attending to every need, they all done a first class job which is always great to see.

Before Cail Bruich was missing "something" for us to say it was our favorite Glasgow restaurant, we weren't sure what that "something" was but it now has that "something" and then some, the taster menu's are a bargain for the quality of produce and the market menu's look a snip at the price. In Gaelic Cail Bruich means "eat well", here you will eat very well, we can guarantee that.


Food 7/10
Service 7/10
Decor 7/10
Toilets 6/10
Value for money 8/10

Overall 35/50- In our opinion the closest to a Michelin star experience you will find in Glasgow.


  1. Will need to try Cail Bruich out, where about is it in Glasgow?


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