Review: Marcus

What more can be said about Marcus Wareing that hasn't already been said. For years he has been our favourite chef and we have followed his career with great passion. We enjoy his appearances on Masterchef or The Great British Menu as he is a man who is seriously passionate about food.

We longed to visit “Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley” but sadly never got round to doing so, but a chance visit to London coincided with the re launch of “Marcus” which meant we were finally getting to try the great man’s food.
Berkeley hotel entrance.
Where do you start when you want to describe a culinary heavyweight such as Marcus Wareing? From an early age he has honed his skills under some of the worlds best chefs such Albert Roux, Daniel Boulud and most famously Gordon Ramsey. He gained his first Michelin star at just twenty five while working at Aubergine, later receiving his second star while working at the famous “Petrus” which was located where the current “Marcus” is situated. Following a breakaway from Gordon Ramsey in 2008 he opened “Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley” where he maintained his two star status and many believed he should have had three.

In late 2013 the restaurant closed and under went a 1.4 million pound revamp and was to open under the new name of “Marcus”. Having a new plan for the service to be more American and less French, creating a more relaxed "dinner party" atmosphere for diners to enjoy, allowing guests to have more flexibility when choosing their food. If people want just one or two courses for lunch this is possible with the choice of single courses or tasting plates available. Al Carte can consist of two courses, if the diner chooses so. This sounded like perfection to us and added to our excitement even more.
Hotel Lobby.
After years of waiting we were finally at the Berkeley hotel to try the new “Marcus”. Instantly on arrival at the five star Berkeley hotel you feel as if you are entering a world of luxury.  We walked through to enter the restaurant, where both doors opened in sync, to be greeted by two incredibly friendly and well presented waiters. We can’t comment on the old restaurant design as we hadn't been but the new layout is very impressive and money well spent with a luxurious finish, without feeling stuffy. The decor including the curious paintings and prints add an aspect of quirkiness, and appears modern. 

We were presented with the various menu’s for for that day, everything sounded wonderful and we both choose three courses from the lunch menu with one of the starters coming from the new concept of the tasting plates which was £10, Starters were £11, mains £19, and desert £8, which seemed like good value.

Cheese and onion Gougeres 
Straight after we ordered these were brought to our table to start the meal off, they were beautifully crisp on the outside and were moist in the inside, the cheese and onion flavours came through perfectly.

Potato bread with salted butter.
The potato bread was served warm and was beautiful and soft on the inside, we had never tried potato bread but found it to be very pleasant.

Marinated prawns, shallot, yuzu
Instead of getting another starter we decided to try the prawn tasting dish. We though it was a great idea, and thoroughly enjoyed the tasty prawns although maybe slightly overpriced at ten pounds for the size of portion.                  

Scottish salmon, Shallot, and anchovy
The plate was presented beautifully and the flavours were outstanding, Beautifully seasoned soft salmon that melted in the mouth, the butter milk was truly fantastic and worked prefect with the hint of Lime through the dish, the anchovy's and red onion juxtaposed the salmon flavours nicely.
Pollock, lobster, coco bean, chicory, and razor clam.
Again presentation was nothing to fancy but every ingredient was cooked to perfection, the fish was beautiful and soft, perfectly seasoned, each mouthful a dream. The flavours from the razor clam completed this dish bringing the range of elements together.               

Rhug estate pork belly, pease pudding and fennel.
We have had pork belly a few times recently but this one tops the lot, nice crispy skin and it wasn't too fatty either. It tasted as if there was a mustard type flavour coming through which was truly a joy to eat. The fennel added to the dish and wasn't overpowering thus adding to the dish perfectly.

Cheese board.
 A very impressive cheese board where we enjoyed them all, we liked the honeycomb that came with the cheeseboard, as we had never had this served with cheese before but worked well.                                          

This is a dessert neither of us are truly fond of but thought we would give it a try and ended up enjoying it. The Tiramisu was light and airy and packed a strong coffee taste, it wasn't overpowering and although we wouldn't say it’s now our favourite dessert, it was certainly enjoyed and we were glad of taking the chance to try it.      


Maple syrup custard, banana and crisps.
The presentation of the dessert was quite simple but the tastes and flavours were phenomenal. The Maple custard was nice and light and the banana was sweet and incredibly moreish,we could of ate another it was that good.

Celebration cake.
As we were celebrating a special occasion we were kindly served this incredibly rich and beautiful chocolate cake, we were quite full at this point but the cake was moorish and we didn't let any go to waste. Thank you very much.

Coffee and petit fours.
The presentation of the tea and coffee was a lovely finish to a luxurious lunch, as were the chocolates served with it. The best way to describe them is probably posh jaffa cakes and who doesn't like jaffa cakes? A truly great end to a fantastic meal.

Green tea.

This has to be the best lunch we have had in a very long time where the food, service, setting and atmosphere were all close to perfection. The presentation of the dishes was not over complicated but the depths of flavours were truly remarkable. It’s always nice when you look forward to something for so long and it lives up to expectations and even surpasses them.

We have to admit we were feeling a bit nervous before we arrived, but from the moment you enter and until you leave the first class serving team make you feel completely at ease which sometimes at restaurant’s of this calibre is not always the case. If the new style of service at Marcus is going to lead to a change in the fine dining scene we are all for it, as we have never felt more relaxed in any other Michelin star establishment. Special mention to the first class Scottish restaurant manager Daniel Greenock who really does the restaurant justice with his charm and enthusiasm for his job.

A nice touch near the end of the meal meant we got to meet Marcus in person, we were a little anxious but found Marcus to be very friendly and a man truly passionate about food which defiantly shines through in all the dishes we had. We also happened to see Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne who were in the restaurant for a jewellery launch, which made for an interesting lunch.

For just under £60 per head for the 3 course set lunch, a cheese board and beverges we felt this was good value. It’s not very often you go for a lunch, and leave with an experience you will remember for the rest of your life, but our lunch at “Marcus” is definitely one we won’t forget anytime soon.


Food 8/10
Service 10/10
Decor 9/10
Toilets 8/10
Value for money 8/10

Overall 43/50- The top end of the two star Michelin dining.