Beautiful Belgrade

First glimpse of sun on the trip; arriving in the city and trying to find our hostel. We stayed in Monmartre, the owner was very helpful and basically told us the in's and out's of the city.

Saint Sava is the Largest orthodox temple in the world; not yet completed but impressive on the outside.

Within Saint Sava, you can see where it is not yet completed.

Cafe "coffee company" recommended to us by the hostel owner, lovely caramel latter and chocolate cappuccino, unmissable if visiting the temple.

Government buildings within the city, such a pleasent busy city centre to walk around.

Deciding to eat out, as the price of food is very cheap. We opted for a local Turkish restaurant. The staff were friendly and offered a true Turkish experience, here is the bread to go with our main meal.

We did not catch the proper name of this dish; but basically it was a rich, hearty beef stew, delicious with the herby taste and accompany of the bread.

Mixed Turkish grill with accompanying vegteables. We could not believe the size of the portion which was presented, not being our usual style of food, we wondered if they could have possibly fitted any more on the plate. Delicious spicy chicken nonetheless with a fresh zingy salad.

On the second day we opted for a Traditional Balkan breakfast which is basically a crispy pastry which is plated with either soft white cheese; cheese and spinach; or meats. A deliously but heavy breakfast, this was provided by the hostel, presented fresh from the oven of the bakery below the flat. A real treat.

We opted for a free walking tour of the city, having been on these before, we find them the best way to get to know a city. Where the guide gives detailed historical, cultural and recent relevant stories of the city. Here is the fort which is positioned on the outskirts of the city.

View of the river from the fort and the new part of the city beyond the connecting bridges.

We hired some bikes for the afternoon and headed along the vast bike lanes of the city, a brilliant way to discover both the new and old parts.

The bikes meant we were able to swim within the Ada Ciganlija which is a lake outside the city, lovely in the sun, even if the beach is made of pebbles. We opted for the crossing over the river and headed into the new town.

At the recommendation of the hosel owner again, we treated ourself to an unusual dinner on the river. The pancake establishment was quirky in design and it was a novelty to dine in this way.

We asked the waiter for the most popular savoury dish and he recommended the traditional ham and white cheese from the province. This was stacked with filling and a true delight.

The sweet caramel, chocolate and hazelnut extravaganza had to be the best out of the two. We felt that we deserved the sugar after a day of cycling. This place dosn't look like much from the outside but the food is not to be missed.

We really enjoyed our time in Belgrade, having being unsure of the culture, it turned out to be a welcoming city, where the people offer traditional values, a very cheap city break with the addition of lovely sunshine.