When travelling to Zadar from Zagreb, we visited the famous Plitvice Lakes, what an extraordinary day we had, the national park is out of this world. The water is crystal clear and creates the unique colours of green and turquoise. Lakes, waterfalls, streams surround the man made paths which go around and through the recognised UNESCO site.

On arrival after a long day, we headed To the "Perivoj kraljice Jelene Madijevke" which is an open air bar area. It was a bit quiet due to the fact that it was a Monday but the place had a nice vibe and drinks were reasonably priced.

The cobbled streets were extraordinarily clean and reminded us some what of parts of Italy, the architecture and attention to detail has been maintained throughout the city.

The stairs above the famous "Sea Organ" and the port of the city. A musical escalade is created when the waves hit the mechanism below the stairs, where the sound is designed to be let through the openings. The intensity of the sound depends on the power of the waves, an impressive unique design.

The number one sunset spot of the city, this was one of our favourite spots.

Another unique architecture design consisted of the "Greeting to the sun", this was solar powered and then displayed a colourful array of lights at night. Children and adults of all ages gathered to see the wonder.

Belgium fries in Croatia? Not quite, but surf 'n' turf version were good.

The best ice cream of the city, has to be found at "Donat Sladoledi", in fact it is the best we have had the entire trip. The que is out the door in the small parlour and the staff offer an interactive experience, pretending to drop the cones, etc. Located close to the St Anastasia's Cathedral. 

We decided to do a day trip on the many ferrys which travel to the extensive coastline and islands.

The island of Dugi Otok was recommended by our guest house, they failed to mention how remote the island was with limited public transport on arrival.

The Adriatic Sea glistened in the sunshine, the journey itself was very cheap and a delight on the top deck.

Nevertheless we managed to hitch hike to the destination we wanted to visit, "Sakarun Bay" is on the opposite coast to the port but it the most beautifal bay on the island, if not the whole Croation coast. Protected since 1967, it is a forgotten paradise, remote and removed from the world, the location really is heavenly. The seabed and coast acts as a rare habitat and is recognised internationally.