Review: Lady Pi Pi

What an ususual name for a restaurant; having passed the location on arrival, we squandered over trying it that night, our decision was confirmed, when we arrived and the que was out the gate, with individuals waiting for a table in the alfresco dining area. Although when a group of four of us attended the restaurant, rain was threatening but we chanced our luck.

View of the restaurant from city walls.

Lady Pi Pi.

Lady Pi Pi statue.
The unusual statue of lady pi pi, outside the restaurant.
The wine was reasonably priced at £15 for one litre. The waiter recommended the house wine to accompany both fish and meat.

Charcoal grill.
The authentic charcoal grill, on the restaurant floor, in which all the meat is grilled to perfection at this location.

Tuna steak.
Tuna steak with green seasonal vegetables.

The fish was grilled to perfection, the large portion was seasoned well and cooked just the way I like it, being soft and tender. 

Mixed meat grill for one.

Mixed meat grill for two.

This Croatian Classic is a meat feast, including tender, juicy, lightly spiced meats. Which included chicken, veal, steak and sausage. A hearty portion which was filling and comforting.

The rain of course did start, in which the restaurant provided umbrellas, a little unusual to manage eating and holding an umbrella but it added to the atmosphere.

Outdoor seating.
The beautifully overgrown vines which act as a shelter over the restaurant dining area.

Overall the meal was enjoyed by all; we left feeling full and a little merry. The cooking skill is nothing which cannot be achieved at home on a barbecue but the atmosphere of the alfresco dining experience is unique. We would recommend lady pi pi, if you are looking for good food at a reasonable price, but do not expect an astounding presentation. Only hearty portions are served here, perfect if you are drained after a day of touring the city. 


Food 5/10
Service 6/10
Decor 6/10
Toilets 5/10
Value for money 5/10

Overall 27/50- Good food in a unique setting, worth a visit if you are in Dubrovnik.