Bread Meats Bread

Having never been a fan of jumping on the burger band-wagon, we have happily sat back and watched the Glasgow blogging scene lap up the new establishments through out the city. One place that has been on our radar since its opening in late 2012, was one of the first establishments to make its stand for quality and ethnical ingredients, with its quirky, meaningful and easily recognisable name: "Bread Meats Bread".

The relaxed and inviting environment was the perfect place to catch up with a friend after a long Thursday of work. On arrival the place was jam packed, "this must be a good spot" I joked with the waiter and after some friendly banter he cleared a window spot for us. As the place doesn't take bookings, larger tables can expect to wait of 10 minutes or so, I liked this fact as the tables turn over much faster and it adds to the casual hussle and bussle of the place. No silvery; no calvary; no violin player; instead there is a straight to the point menu with an emphasise on sharing the coated and stacked sides.

Not an empty seat in the place.

Pulled Bird £6.00

The burgers come themselves with sides ordered separately to be shared. I opted for the sticky chunky chicken burger, topped with purple slaw. The soft bun creates the perfect scenario for a real "dirty burger". The meat was juicy with little fat, full of zingy flavours that went perfectly with the creamy coleslaw. I would go as far as saying the best chicken burger I have had to date.

Cheeseburger £6.00

My friend went for the classic cheeseburger, these are cooked to order, where the establishment have a no freezer/microwave policy, to ensure freshness. Being initially a little disheartened due to the smaller size and scale, compared to my tower of chicken, is this worth the same price? No complaints were made on the taste however, the meat was tender and scrumptious.

Bacon Chips £3.00

My favourite fats in one bowl; at the beginning I loved the look of this side. As I dived in to try the triple cooked delights, the fat was a little too much (even for me). The chips themselves at the top were soft and fluffy although when we got to the bottom they were rather crispy and a tad burnt. This was the only downfall of the night, maybe just the bottom of a batch. 

View from my perched stool.

The view of St.Vincent street, a brilliant way to watch the world go by, enjoying good food. Service matched the food, in it's laid back style, our waiter was an asset to the place, a real charmer with the customers. Explaining how the menu works and what was his favourites were.

Overall I would give this place a big greasy thumbs up, yes the hussle and bussle might not be to everyone's taste but this adds to the character. Would I return? Yes, but I'd give other sides a try, there is a good list to choose from so I think others would be more to my liking, but that's me being fussy.

Check out one of the best burger joints in Glasgow:

104 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5UB.


  1. I love Bread Meats Bread! One of my fave places to go in Glasgow if u want a nice juicy burger and a great atmosphere. Great post :) xx


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