Glasgow Restauranr review: The Green Chilli Cafe

Despite being part of the large Harlequin Empire (Ashoka), the Green Chilli Café is a restaurant creating its own identity. The establishment is situated on Argyle Street and has been serving tapas portions of Indian food since 2011. The restaurant offers a wide choice of traditional Indian classics with a modern spin through the tapas options available. This allows diners the chance to try many small dishes from the menu, rather than being stuck with one larger portion. We liked this idea, as the menu is interesting with some dishes we had never heard of, where the tapas option would allow the diner to fully appreciate the range and depth of flavours on offer.

Green Chilli Cafe

Modern interior

View from upstairs dining area

After our successful Indian meal a few weeks earlier in Glasgow, we thought we would give The Green Chilli Café a try to see if our good luck would continue. We honestly weren't sure what to expect but on arrival we were pleasantly surprised at the smart and modern décor. The Restaurant was fairly full on a wet Thursday evening which is always a good sign. The menu had a good selection of your classic dishes and a few unusual choices for the more adventurous diner. Here is what we went for:

Poppadoms and spiced onions

The only way to start an Indian meal, we were slightly disappointed that there was no mango chutney involved. We bought a pot, at £1.50, and it was utterly delicious.

Murgh Malai Tikka

Beneath this salad, were two succulent small breast of chicken, coated in a smooth cashew nut paste. The dish was not over powered with spice, instead an intense depth of flavour came from this creamy paste. The presentation leaves a lot to be desired however, maybe they were busy in the kitchen the evening we visited?

Chandri chilli chicken

Deep fried Chicken, done in Garlic paste, with chilli flakes. Tender, juicy, explosions of flavour came from these spicy morsels.  The starter was a pleasant size and a refreshingly different choice to the conventional dishes which are usually on offer. The stand out starter for us.

Chicken Chasni

Yet again, we can never go past a Chasni. It's encouraging to see a sauce which is not fluorescent in colour and instead coloured by the tangy fruits within the sauce. Mrs SEO believes this is the one of best Chasni sauces she has tried, however the chicken was slightly overcooked and a little dry. 

Lamb Desi

"The house favourite" claimed the waiter with a mix of spices and green chilli. The rich curry had a gentle kick to it, with the deeper flavours accompanying the well cooked lamb perfectly.

Peshwari naan and rice

This peshwari came out with steam flowing from it. Fresh, soft and sweet. The way a good naan should be, Mrs SEO believes it's one best she has tried. There is not a great deal that can be said about rice, nonetheless both were cooked well.

On the whole, we both enjoyed our meal at The Green Chilli Cafe. The over cooked chicken aside, we finished everything that we ordered, it was certainly one of the better Indian meals we have had in Glasgow. Service again was good, but not without fault. We had our starter plates taken away before we had both finished eating. Even though it was just a small amount of food left, it was still slightly frustrating. The young male waiter was the star of the show, friendly, helpful and no request was too much for him.

Downstairs bar

Our meal for two came in at under £30 which for us was a fair price. Apart from the small errors this was a meal we enjoyed, both of us agreed we would return for a future visit and would recommend the restaurant for anyone to try. The only let down being the toilets which are dated in comparison to the modern decor of the restaurant.


Food 7/10
Decor 7/10
Service 6/10
Toilets 5/10
Value for money 7/10

Overall 32/50 - A good Indian Restaurant worth paying a visit.