Cail Bruich November 2014

Since we started blogging, around about nine months ago, we have tried to search for new restaurants to try and report back on. We generally don’t repeat restaurant visits, unless we wholly enjoyed our experience excessively. Cail Bruich has certainly proved to be memorable for us, where we planned a repeat visit, six months after our last visit. Everything you need to know about Cail Bruich can be found in our previous post (here)


Wanting to sample a wide range of dishes we opted for the five course tasting menu, reasonably priced at £40. Here is what we had:



From left to right: Parmesan crisps; haggis Bon bons with homemade brown sauce; olives and cheese and onion gougĂ©res.

Selection of (warm) breads

White baguettes; poppy seed; and cheese topped.

Mushroom and Coconut Mousse

A small and flavour packed beginning to our tasting menu. The Mushroom and coconut mousse was full of body and flavour, this went well with the subtle curry tones from the curried hazelnut.

Peterhead Mackerel
Mackerel is a firm favourite of ours, so we were both delighted with this beautifully presented dish. The fish was presented in two ways. Firstly was a perfectly cooked piece of mackerel with seared golden crispy skin and secondly a mackerel ceviche. Both were executed successfully. With both of us having never tried pomelo before, its sweet flavour was a very pleasant addition to the dish.

Ox Tongue
The cubes of ox tongue were well cooked and seasoned, as was the salted beef. We loved the shallots and white turnip which were picked and rounded off the dish very well. The divergent textures of the meat, made this dish stand out. Sublime. 

Close up
Veloute of New Season Pumpkin
A Veloute is something we always enjoy and here it did not disappoint. The Veloute had the perfect consistency and was full bodied. The strong sweet pumpkin flavours were a delight, additionally the buttermilk made it exceptionally creamy, just the way we like it. The Parmesan crisp added texture and flavour. 

Perthshire Pheasant breast and Leg
We both agreed this dish was the highlight of the whole evening. Perfectly cooked Pheasant, served with a rich and luxurious truffle sauce. The dish was incredibly moreish, with each ingredient being cooked to perfection and adding a different texture and flavour. 

Close up
Lemon Curd Cheese Cake 
This was a good example of how a cheesecake should be served. The lemon cheese cake itself, was sweet but not overly so. The lemon flavours were sharp but again, not to the point of being unpleasant, the chef got it just right for us. We really enjoyed the blackberry sorbet and found the dish a pleasant end to our meal. Cleansing the pallet and leaving the diner refreshed with a fruity punch. 

Close up
Menu - Thank you for this

We were pleased to see that standards at Cail Bruich have been maintained and both of us had an enjoyable evening. 

Each course was packed full of complex flavours and although some had many ingredients, we felt each served purpose and added to the quality of the dish. Overall the meal cost us just under £100, with an extra cheeseboard and drinks. A very fair price when you consider the quality of the ingredients used and level of skill involved in the cooking of them.

Service before was good but this time we felt it was more rounded. The young blonde waitress who served us before was far more confident and done a great job looking after our table. We weren't sure if she had been given a promotion, since our last visit but it was clear to see she was operating at a higher level. The restaurant was packed, and it was encouraging to see the serving team coping admirably. 

Out of all the restaurants in Glasgow we have visited Cail Bruich is the restaurant that excites us the most. The food easily meets the 2 AA rosette standards it currently holds and is possibly the best double rosette restaurant we have ever eaten at. With the Glasgow restaurant scene well and truly on the up, Cail Bruich for us sits comfortable amongst the best restaurants in the City. If you haven't visited this place, book now.


Food 7/10
Service 8/10
Decor 7/10
Toilets 6/10
Value for money 9/10

Overall 37/50- Still for us the best restaurant we have visited in Glasgow.

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