Glasgow Restaurant Review - Old Salty's Byres Road

Old Salty’s is an upmarket fish and chip shop aiming to feed the people of Glasgow with a top quality “chippy” experience. With the Finnieston branch proving to be a success story, a second restaurant was open on the bustling Byres Road. This is not your typical “chippy” with the food always being fresh and prepared to order. The restaurant claims it bridges the gap between normal chippies and upmarket restaurants, aiming to provide top quality food in relaxed surroundings.

View from the table


Upstairs seating

We admittedly don’t have a chippy very often, but after hearing good reports thought we would give Old Salty’s a visit on Byres Road. We liked the simplistic casual décor; we sat in one of the booths down stairs and straight away both of us agreed this was the smartest chippy we had eaten in. There is additional seating upstairs and on a busy Saturday night every table was filled. The menu was packed full of all your usually chippy classics and a few surprises such as scallops and langoustine, both firm favourites of ours. Here is what we went for:


We absolutely adore squid, especially when it is cooked properly. This was evident here, the crisp outer coat reveals soft and succulent flesh inside. Seasoned well and most importantly not chewy. The perfect starter with a refreshing salad on the side. 

Scallops in curry butter
We got given a couple extra as they were a bit small. Being the first plate brought out to the table, the presentation surprised us for a "chippy". This was when we knew this was no ordinary fish and chip shop.

The scallops themselves were cooked to perfection, soft and succulent, without being too chewy. The curry butter was the perfect match for the sweet white flesh. They were seasoned well, with a light and zingy salad on the side. 

Hake supper

It was nice to have a choice of fish to choice from. Having never had hake in a chip shop before, we opted for this twist. The batter was light and thin, which surrounded the white flaky flesh of the well seasoned fish. The chips were fresh and not too dense or thickly cut. A similar salad featured, which added some colour to an otherwise beige dish. 

Beautifully cooked fish

The white flesh simply fell away from the batter. A wonderfully cooked piece of fish in a tasty batter. 

Haggis supper
This was always Mrs SEO's choice as a child when treated to a chippy for tea. It was different to the traditional fatty and sometimes dense main meal. The batter was light and crisp again, with a flavoursome haggis within. 

Close up
The star of the entire show, however was the curry sauce. I know it may seem strange that we are actually blogging about curry sauce. But this was different. Fruity, creamy, spicy, the prefect thing to dip chips into. Flavours of mango and lemon came through, we don't know if it was a homemade recipe or not,  but whatever it is, simply devine. A must if eating a supper here. 

Sticky toffee pudding

We were more than stuffed, it was pure greed that we ordered a dessert. One of our favourites was on special, so it would have been rude not too. This was the only fault of the night, being a little dry. The sweet sauce moistened it a little, with the accompanying ice cream.

Crumble of the day; Apple and pear
The classic Scottish dessert, the crumble was light in texture with a deep layer of fruit underlying. This went down a treat, with the sharpness of the fruit and creaminess of the custard.

On the whole, Old Salty’s ticks all the boxes. The Desserts certainly didn’t deliver quite the same level of quality as the starters and mains but at the price, we maybe have a cheek to complain. This is not your typical chippy experience and we love what they are doing at Old Salty’s. Their spin on the traditional chippy experience is for us a welcome addition to a continually improving Glasgow food scene.

Although we waited a slightly long time for the bill to arrive, service on the whole was good. The waitresses all were very pleasant and answered any questions with ease.

With both of us eating 3 courses, we paid £32 for our evening at Old Salty’s. We felt this was good value for the quality of food and the surroundings. With a thriving food scene in the West End, Old Salty’s certainly enhances this and we would recommend a visit to try for yourself.