Bar Bloc Burger Review


Yes, we are fond of a Michelin starred restaurant, if you hadn't already guessed. But we keep ourselves firmly grounded with our love, like many for a good burger establishment. Living in Glasgow, the variety is vast, one on our hit list for a while has been Bar Bloc.

Having visited Bloc a few times with friends for casual drinks, the smell of the food is always amazing. Along with following the mad chef on Twitter, we both agreed his creations look amazing and we were excited to head to Bloc for a Sunday evening carb overload.

Street Trash Tower

Street Trash Tower

Two grilled 6oz beef patties layered between three burger bun slices, double layered with crispy smoked bacon, melted Swiss cheese, sweet pickles, with red cabbage and carrot slaw. 

The two patties made Mr SEO very happy being cooked medium, just the way he likes them. Having the extra bun slice added to the height. The smoked bacon added a deep rich salty kick, which accompanied the gooey melted cheese well. The pickles and slaw added some crunch and rounded off a nicely presented burger.

The Durty Burger

Grilled 6oz beef patty, topped with smith's bacon fries, trailer trash cheese, homemade burger relish, sweet pickles and the durty burger gravy.

The party itself was thick and juicy, and hadn't shrunk, which is always a plus point. This was placed inside a soft, moreish bun, with a sweetness almost like a brioche bun. The toppings made this burger, especially the gravy. Who would have thought that you can put gravy on a burger. This made it a messy one to eat but exceptionally tasty. The seasoned fries served with both burgers were also fantastic, they rank amongst some of the best we have tried. 
Beef Chilli Nachos

This loaded portion is surprisingly the smaller option, stacked with beef chilli, jalapeƱos, guacamole, melted cheese and sour cream. We almost demolished the melting morsel before even looking at the burgers. A very good purchase, highly recommended in terms of sides.


There is also some "sugar assassins" to try on the menu but we were honestly too full (unlike us). Next time we will try and leave some room.

With Glasgow now a hotspot for new burgers restaurants, we feel it’s important to support local restaurants like Bloc. With five guys and many chains coming to the city, why spend more at these restaurants when places like Bloc, for us sell better food and at cheaper prices. We have a lot of love for what the mad chef is doing at Bloc and we would go as far to say these were the best burgers we have tried in Glasgow.

So a big thumps up from us to the team, keep the mad inventions thriving, next time we plan to try some of the assorted and overloaded hot dogs. The mid week deals are also worth checking out.