Happy 1st Birthday - Our year of High's and Low's

After a year filled with many highs, and a few lows, Scotland Eats Out is now officially a year old. When we started, we had no idea where this journey would lead. We have collated five high points, and five low points of our first year blogging.

Let's have a look at our top 5 highlights of our first year:

1) Kitchen VisitsOn more than one occasion we were fortunate enough to visit the kitchens of some of the countries best restaurants. Getting to see how a Michelin starred kitchen operates is the ultimate experience for a food blogger, and one we highly enjoyed. We were lucky enough to visit the kitchen of restaurants such as L'Enclume, Dinner by Heston, The Kitchin and Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. Each time we have visited a kitchen, it is always surprising to witness a calm atmosphere, where the chefs and kitchen staff have the operation running like clockwork.
The Kitchen at Dinner by Heston
2) Meeting chefs: Not very often do you get to meet your favourite chef in person, but luckily for us we have managed to do this twice. After a highly enjoyable Lunch at Marcus in London, we managed to have a chat with Masterchef presenter Marcus Wareing. He was a very interesting and passionate chef and generous with his time. We also had the pleasure of meeting Tom Kitchin. We were highly impressed by his passion and knowledge of all things food related.
The Kitchin
3) Travelling: This is a huge passion of ours and over the past year, we managed to tick various countries off our wishlist. Our passion is food, and we love nothing nothing more than experiening new dishes and the culture which goes with this. Some of our favourite places we visited were Split, Belgrade and Dubrovnik. We also experienced our first Spanish two Michelin star restaurant "Segri Arola" and were highly impressed by the restaurant.
Sergi Arola
4) Supporting local businesses: Despite staying in Glasgow for the last 4 years, up until we started blogging we had never got round to visiting some of the best restaurants the city has to offer. Finally, after years of talking about visiting a long list of restaurants within the city, blogging gave us the push to visit these restaurants. Having now visited  a lengthy list of establishments in our adopted home; we have watched the food scene in Glasgow flourish. Some of the restaurant's that have impressed us greatly are, Cail Bruich, The Gannet and The Honours. The burger scene in Glasgow is also thriving and we thoroughly enjoyed the offerings from establishments such as Bar Bloc and Lebowski's. With us now into our second year of blogging, we fully expect to further explore the prospering food scene in our home city and continue to support the local Glasgow establishments.
The Gannet
5) Meeting new people: Throughout the year we have enjoyed communicating with the rest of the Scottish bloggers. Whether it be at events or on Twitter, our fellow food bloggers have been extremely helpful and we have met some passionate individuals.
Event at Mark Greenaway's
As you can see it's been an action packed first year for us, and on the whole one we have wholly enjoyed. But of course with so many highs, there has to be some lows. Here are the negatives which came with the first year of blogging:

1) Weight troubles: Both of us like to stay productively active and are keen to keep fit. Eating out multiple times in a week, opposes staying in shape. It can be hard for food bloggers to strike a balance. Therefore during the week we try to be strict with our diets, but it's always worth while when you go out and have a great meal.

2) Finances: Always wanting to give a fair and honest review, we opt to pay for all our meals out. As you can see from our blog it's been a busy year and reviewing restaurants is not a cheap hobby.

3) Time: Writing up reviews is not a quick process. Researching, adding pictures and writing food descriptions can take hours to complete.

4) Taking over your life: Blogging can if you let it take over your life. Reading reviews, tweeting, planning restaurant visits, writing reviews and the list goes on and on. 

5) Annoying your friends: If your friends are not as interested in food as you, you will annoy them with your constant talk of all things food. Having found this out a few times, we opt to talking about our blog with our friends to a minimum.

We would like to thank everyone for their help and support over the last year. Despite the negatives, we have loved our first year of blogging and hope for an even better second year. We have a wish list as long as Scotland itself, so it seems like there is only one thing to do. 
Keep eating and blogging.