Yauatcha - London Restaurant Review

Eagar to experience a different style of Michelin star dining from what we are used to, we decided to book up at Yauatcha and try some of the finest dim sum London has to offer.
Part of the famous Hakkasan empire, Yauatcha has forged a strong identity for itself since opening in 2004. A year later the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, which it has retained each year since. The restaurant is famous for its modern refined Chinese cooking, with many small plates, along with main courses to choose from. There is also a dessert bar upstairs which is colourfully arrayed with desserts and macaroons for sitting in or taking away.

Upstairs Dining Room
Wanting to be at the theatre for our 7.30pm show, we booked in at Yauatcha at 5pm to give us plenty of time to make our show. After a few navigational errors we finally arrived for our sitting. We were shown to our seats upstairs and were immediately impressed with the modern décor and size of the establishment. The restaurant wasn’t at capacity, but it was busy enough to create a vibrant atmosphere. After perusing the menu’s we opted for the “Taste of Yauatcha” menu at £28.88 for two people and ordered a quarter of duck from the A La Carte menu. Here is what we had:
Our Table and Pot of Blue Tea

Ever started a meal with tea? Neither had we, it was a refreshing and interesting way to start the "Taste of Yauatcha" menu.

Pickled Cucumbers with Soy Sauce and Chilli Dipping Sauces
Crystal Dumplings and Har Gau
Despite being huge meat lovers we found the vegetarian crystal dumpling filled with Pumpkin and mushroom to be pleasurable.  The Har Gau (shrimp dumplings) were delicate, light and packed full of flavour. The texture of these dumplings was just right and not being overly soggy.
Baked Venison Puff and Mushroom Spring Roll
These were the highlight of the meal. The Venison puff had sweet sticky pastry, with rich sweet gravy and delicious venison inside. The amount of flavour packed in such a small portion was fantastic. The Mushroom spring roll had a strong taste of luxurious black truffle, making it a wonderfully rich flavoursome bite.
Prawn and Beancurd Cheung Fun
This was another standout for us both. The Beancurd was lightly fried and added a nice depth of crunch and texture to the dish. The portion had just the right amount of prawns throughout, and these were cooked to a good standard.
Selection of Dumplings
The King Crab Shanghai siew long bun was filled with a delicate broth when opened, but maybe lacked a strong punch of crab flavour. The Prawn shui mai with chicken was the better of the two dumplings, with a generous amount of succulent prawns and chicken. 
The presentation of the intricate pieces was something to be marvelled at.
Crispy Aromatic Duck
We loved that the crispy duck was carved from the bone at the table. The duck wasn't too dry and the skin was lovely and crisp. This was from the a la carte menu and cost £17, well worth it in our opinion.
Full Table
Matcha Tart
Without being spectacular this was a fairly solid dessert course. The presentation was outstanding and the dish had some fairly impressive flavours to match. The Matcha green tea base actually tasted better than we expected, it didn't overpower the rest of the flavours. The hazelnuts were a welcome addition which added a depth of texture and another dimension to the dessert. Yuzu was a new ingredient for us both and it's cirtrus tastes weren't unpleasant in the slightest.
Beautiful Presentation
Dessert Counter
For a Michelin star restaurant to offer a menu at £28.88 for two people, you may not expect it to be of a high quality or to be of considerable size. To our surprise we found the “Taste of Yauatcha” menu to be superb value. Each course was creative and packed full of great flavours. This was our first dim sum experience and we were glad we chose Yauatcha. The desserts were also a standout, not just looking great, but also delicious to eat.

Selection of Macaroons

After hearing mixed reports about the service at Yauatcha, we encountered no major problems. It perhaps isn't the most friendliest or efficient service we have had at a Michelin restaurant, but on the whole we had no complaints. Our evening at Yauatcha cost us roughly £30 per head. We both agreed this fantastic value for money, and that Yauatcha would certainly be a restaurant we would visit again.

If you are after one of the best dim sum restaurants in London we would highly recommend Yauatcha. The Michelin star is well deserved and the restaurant gave us a unique experience, that not many could match. For a pre theatre treat while you’re in Soho, Yauatcha is certainly a restaurant well worth considering.


Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Décor 8/10
Toilets 8/10
Value for Money 9/10

Overall-  40/50 - A pre-theatre treat in London not to be missed.

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