Iceland March 2015

What a Beautiful View
The view as we hit the mainland, a geographical wonderland below the clouds. Icelandair was a great airline to fly with, the flight was just over two hours from Glasgow Airport. 
The Blue Lagoon
Being limited for time, we choose to visit  the Blue Lagoon before heading to Reykjavik. 
Blue Lagoon Surroundings
Wandering through a barren dark lava field to discover this at the other end, this is the extent of the surroundings of the Blue Lagoon.
Blue Lagoon During Daylight
Within the Blue Lagoon, the warm sea water was a delight to bathe within. We opted for the upgrade at €50, which included a drink from the bar, use of bathrobes and towels and a souvenir moisturiser.
Wonderful View
The Blue Lagoon has been named as one of the 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic.
Blue Lagoon at Night
We stayed until closing time and got the last bus back to the capital. In total spending five hours indulging in this idealistic, luxurious setting.
View Point
The viewpoint by the sea of Reykjavik. This sculpture was inspired by the Viking ships which conquered Iceland. On a nice day, the mountains can be seen across the water. The weather in Iceland is very temperamental, in which all four seasons can be witnessed in a day. We can vouch for this, being caught in a few snow storms over the weekend.
The view across the river brightening up to reveal the mountains in the distance.
The Harbour
Reykjavik is traditionally a fishing city, with the harbour being an iconic part. We had lovely fish and chips along here, a little more expensive than back home but totally worth it.
Traditional Coffee Shop
The oldest coffee shop and restaurant in the town. Reykjavik is the most northerly capital in Europe.
Street Art
The town is full of small cafes and restaurants, Cafe BabalĂș was our favourite. 
The cafe had a quirky interior and served amazing coffee. The toilet downstairs had an interesting Star Wars theme.
Long Road to The Church
The Hallgrimskirkja church in the centre of the town was constructed 1945-1986. It stands 73m high and is a pronounced landmark in Reykjavik.
Inside the Church
Inside the church, the architect wanted the exterior appereanence to resemble the basalt lava flow, this is carried on within aswell.
View of The City
The view from the top of the church, we payed the equivalent of £4 to travel to the eighth floor. The birds eye view across the city was well worth it.
Hungry Swans
Heading out of the town towards a frozen lake where the swans and ducks gathered for feeding.
Frozen Lake
Local Beers
Trying out the local craft beers, most are named after Vikings or the like.
Wine Time
Back to what we know and love, wine. A quirky cafe/bar with random books dotted around the place.
Some Sunshine
The Icelandic horse is a national symbol and something the people are proud of.
Tectonic Plates
Within Pingvellir National park, where the North American plate is spliting from the European tectonic plate on the right. A marvel to see, the plates have been moving the equivalent of 2cm every year. 
Outstanding Scenery
Here you could really witness the jagged defined edges of each plate.
Within Fridheimar cultivation centre where tomatoes are grown all year round using geothermal energy to power and heat the greenhouses.
Soup Time
The owners have made the greenhouses into a visitor centre and offer hot tomato soup to the guests. A nice touch, the owner then stood up and explained his philosophy on producing the best product.
Geothermal Fields
The guide describing the formations of the geothermal fields.
The Geysir bubbling continuously. It was marvellous to step among the unusual surrounding, fully appreciating the powerful surroundings.
Hot Springs
A walk around the famous Geysir area, a geothermal field where hot springs are in abundance, geysers spout and pools of mud bubble. 
The extraordinary Gullfoss Waterfall. It was incredible to see the sheer power of Europe's largest waterfall. Our trip to Iceland was one we will not forget anytime soon. An action packed long weekend, one thing is for sure, when visiting Iceland, you will certainly not be stuck with nothing to do. We came home revitalised from the fresh air and bathing, but tired from the endless exploring. A trip of a lifetime.