Super Duper Burger •v• In-N-Out Burger

Upon recommendation we visited two of the most popular burger establishments in San Francisco ,hence we decided to compare them. First we visited Super Duper Burger and then In-N-Out Burger. They were both superb and serve the freshest fast food we have tried.
"Not a slogan, a promise"

This establishment prides itself on sustainability through locally produced ingredients. The higher cost of the food is  said to be a direct reflection of the fast food burgers which utilise slow food values.

Interior and cashier as we walked into the hustle and bustle of the establishment which is on market street in downtown San Francisco.

The view from our bar and stools, directly into the busy servery and kitchen. We seen all the burgers being hand shaped and cooked to perfection.

What we ate: mini cheese meal and chicken sandwich with shakes.

The cheese burger was packed full of meat juices, the bun was crisp and the salad was fresh. 

The chicken sandwich was coated with chipotle, which added a spicy kick to the succulent chicken breast which had been grilled. The best chicken burger we have tasted.

Swirl milkshake

A creamy milkshake made with ice cream and stacked full of calories. Delightful. 

In-N-Out Burger was California's first drive through hamburger stand, established in 1948. Harry and Ester Snyder promised to serve the freshest burgers, coolest shakes and the hottest fries in a friendly environment.

The menu remains simplistic, reflecting its  origin. With the same policy of making fresh food which is made to order.

We loved the cliché servery and call out system for collecting the food order. We are within the establishment on fishermans wharf. 

The diner was packed full of customers who seemed more than happy to wait on a seat to enjoy their meals.

We opted for a double-double cheese burger and a cheeseburger with fries. Both were fresh and wrapped up to keep the burger intact. The fries were hot and crispy.

The shakes were out of this world, hands down the creamiest shake we have ever tried. 

The juicy thin parties were cooked to perfection, the buns were not quite as good here but still an excellent choice.

It is difficult to compare these two fast food premises, Super Duper Burger is modern and was roughly double the price. The quality here was high, they hands down had the best burger due to the thick juicy patty which was stacked full of flavour.

However for us, In-N-Out Burger offers the full package, their fries and shakes were much better and the atmosphere within the busy establishment reflected something from a classic American movie. We were won over by the cliché service and the unquestionable value for money.

If in town, check out both these burger joints for a quick fix of American classic fast food.