The Bothy Glasgow Review

Blink and you might miss it; actually you might not see it at all. Hidden just off Byres Road in Ruthven Lane, The Bothy is easily one of the most secluded restaurants in the West end of Glasgow. Part of the G1 group, The Bothy claims to “playfully mix traditional and contemporary influences".
The Bothy
Braw Deal
Bank holiday Monday gave us the chance to visit a restaurant that had caught our eye after a visit to The Hanoi Bike Shop. Not knowing much about The Bothy, we went to the restaurant with open minds.

The Décor at The Bothy is best described as modern with a few playful Scottish twists. We loved that the staff were dressed in Scottish kilts, a great touch in our eyes. We were talked through the menu by the accommodating waitress, and settled on the following:
Cured and Roasted Salmon
This was the better of the two starter's, but certainly didn’t fill us full of excitement. The potato salad was pleasant, but the salmon could have been doing with some seasoning. A fairly pleasant dish, but this certainly lacked any wow factor.
Haggis Pakora
With not many of the starters jumping out at us on the menu, this was ordered from the specials menu. Unfortunately this starter didn’t excite us much either. The batter was thick and overcooked, meaning the significant haggis flavour was lost.
Battered Haddock and Chips
Everyone loves fish and chips right? The fish again was well cooked, with the batter being nice and crispy. Overall this was a fairly solid plate of food.
The Bothy Burger
The Bothy Burger
Grabbing the last burger in the restaurant, showed how busy the bothy had been. The burger was fairly well cooked, but lacked any great flavour, and sadly it was bordering on being bland. The chips were fine but certainly not the best we have ever had. Overall a very poor burger for a city packed full of great choices.
Trio of Desserts
Wanting to sample a few of the desserts we opted for the sharing plate. We loved the chocolate and peanut butter crème brûlée. This was a million miles away from your typical crème brûlée, it was so wrong, but at the same time, so right. The cheesecake was of a good standard, but excellent would have been an exaggeration. The ice-cream again was fine, but no more than that. A pet hate of ours is the addition of whipped cream to desserts that really serves no purpose, unfortunately this was present here. 
Close up
We have been on a bit of a good run in Glasgow recently, but sadly, The Bothy brought this to an end. Despite some very good service on the night, we found the food average. Nothing we were served showed any great level of skill from the chef, and we were left feeling a bit deflated about the whole experience. Don’t get us wrong, the food wasn’t terrible, just a bit from the standard of the best restaurants in the City.

Our night at The Bothy did have some plus points. Each member of staff was friendly, and clearly very skilled at their jobs. We also loved the cosy and homely décor which created an enjoyable space for eating. Would we recommend a visit to The Bothy? Sadly, probably not. Despite the good atmosphere and service, the most important aspect for us, the food, didn’t quite hit the mark.


Food 5/10
Service 7/10
Decor 7/10
Toilets 7/10
Value for Money 4/10

Overall- 30/50- At nearly £50 for what we had, we felt this was poor value for money overall.