Cafe Fish - Restaurant Review

When researching a restaurant for a special meal on Mull, Cafe Fish immediately jumped out at us. Rated "UK Fish Restaurant of The Year 2012" by the Good Food Guide, we knew this was a restaurant we had to try. 
Cafe Fish
Located in the beautiful Tobermory, the restaurant can be found on the upper floor of the CalMac pier. The restaurant was opened in 2004 by cousins Jane McDonald and the well known chef Liz McGougan. Despite the remote location, it has now become one of the most exciting fish restaurant's in the UK.
Stair's leading to the restaurant
The restaurant has its own fishing boat - The Highlander - which means the langoustines, lobster and squat lobster are caught fresh daily and brought back to the mainland at around 4pm each day. The rest of the fish are caught and supplied by local boats around the island.The restaurants ethos is "Fresh produce, simple cooking, fabulous flavour".
Stunning Views
Thankfully we phoned up for a reservation as the restaurant only had a 9pm slot left for dinner. After a busy day walking we were more than ready for our Monday night treat. On arrival we were surprised at the casual laid-back surroundings of the restaurant. It's a million miles away from your typical Award winning restaurant. We were glad as Mrs Scotland Eats out had forgotten her suitcase that morning, therefore it was jeans and walking clothes for the week.
The Casual Interior
Busy Monday
Not an Empty Table
We were shown the menu's and the waiter talked us through the large specials board which changes daily depending on the fresh fish caught that day. This was an extensive list packed full of tempting choices. The smells from the kitchen filled the small cafe, which was packed full. Here is what we ate:
Crab Cakes
Close Up
Made with fresh Croig Crab, these crab cakes were truly stunning. The cooking of these crispy cakes was perfect, with the delicate Crab within seasoned impressively. The sweet chilli mayo had just the right amount of sweetness with a gentle hint of heat. We have to say that the freshness of the crab made all the difference. 
Fresh Langoustines
Close Up
Three large well cooked langoustine had us more than impressed. These had been caught fresh on Mull earlier that day. Straight away you could taste the freshness. The herb garlic butter was pleasant, as was the granary bread.
Whole Sea Bream
A beautiful crisp whole sea bream which fell away from the bone perfectly. There was plenty of fish for eating, and the meat was tender and soft. We enjoyed the tangy citrus salsa,which was the perfect match for the sea bream. Having never had a fish served whole on the bone, we really enjoyed and appreciated this way of serving the produce. 
Close Up
We adore scallops and the offer of king scallops was too much to refuse. This dish was easily the best of the night. The six large King Mull Scallops were all cooked superbly well. These were all of a very good size. The truffled celeriac puree was silky smooth and packed full of flavour. We loved the addition of the caramel apple drizzle which added a sweetness to the dish. This was one of the most enjoyable plates of food that we have eaten this year.
Happy times at Cafe Fish
Cafe Fish provided us with the best meal of our whole trip. We later dined at The Three Chimney's, and we both agreed Cafe Fish gave us the best meal of the two. We loved the fresh tasting fish, and the fact some is caught fresh by the restaurant boat. The kitchen also show's some flair and good cooking skills, leading to some top quality dishes. Service was also very friendly and the head waiter helped us greatly with choosing our dishes.

The Isle of Mull is a very remote location, so to have a restaurant as good as Café Fish is very impressive. We know it's not every day you will be on Mull, but when the time comes, be sure to visit the impressive Cafe Fish.