Cail Bruich - An evening with Jamie Scott

The recent award of Three AA Rosettes for Cail Bruich confirmed it's status as not just one of the best restaurant's in Glasgow, but has now put it beside some of the finest restaurants in the whole of Scotland.

The announcement that Jamie Scott was cooking at Cail Bruich for an evening was clearly a popular choice amongst diners. Initially meant for one evening only, the stay was extended to three nights to meet the demand. For anyone who doesn't know, Jamie won the 2014 Master Chef the Professionals series. He is currently in the process of opening up his own restaurant The Newport after leaving his position as had chef at Rocca Restaurant in St Andrew's.
Full Dining Room
Due to a last minute cancelation we were kindly offered the chance of two seats at the new chefs table in the restaurant. Having visited the restaurant many times before, this was our first visit after the recent modifications to the restaurant.
Decorations on The Chef's table
The decor of the old dining room was certainly pleasant enough, but the new space is stunning. The dining room has a much classier look and feel, and is more fitting to the style of food being served. The restaurant refurbishment is in keeping with the Scottish style and matches the standard of many high end establishments we have visited.

After a warm welcome we were shown to our seats and enjoyed a drink while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. The waitress explained that half the dishes were created by chef Chris, and the other half by Jamie. This came with a catch, as we wouldn't be told who created what dish until the end. 
The Well Stocked Bar
Mac 'N' Cheese, Mull cheddar, Truffle
A playful take on the traditional Mac 'N' Cheese. The Mull cheddar was very tasty and the addition of the truffle added a bit of glamour to the small bites. These kicked off proceedings nicely and were enjoyed by both of us. 

Created by : Jamie Scott
Arbroath Smokie Donut, Creme Fraiche, Toasted Onion
These caught our eye from the menu, and they certainly didn't let us down. The Arbroath Smokie donut had great texture and had been cooked perfectly. We must comment on the toasted onions on the top of the donuts, these were stunning and added a different texture which we loved. This playful snack worked well with the theme of the night.

Created by : Jamie Scott
Vegetable Garden, Curry, Malt
The vegetables were fresh and had a nice crunch to them. The curry flavour was subtle and thus not overpowering. Another enjoyable snack to kick start the evening. It was good to get a wide variety on the tasting menu, this elevated the experience to greater heights.

Created by : Chris Charalambous
Mushroom Broth, White Turnip, Duck gizzard
A fresh and earthy plate of food that hit all the right notes. The mushroom broth had a great depth of flavour. Having tried duck gizzard before we knew what to expect, and we were really impressed with the texture and flavour of the gizzard. It was interesting to find out that no seasoning had been added to this dish and it was completely natural.

Created by : Chris Charalambous
This was a beautiful example of the classic sourdough. It was provided by local company "Bakery 47". The bread had great texture, and when covered in the beautiful butter, it was sublime. This was matched with a "Geuze Boon sour beer". Despite both of us not drinking a lot of beer, we both agreed this was possibly one of the best we had tried, a great choice to drink with the bread. 
Chef Chris in Action
Beetroot, Yellow Peas, Beer Vinegar
Who knew the humble beetroot could taste this good. The beer vinegar completely transformed this dish and made a simple sounding dish, actually taste fantastic. The presentation was well thought out and for us one of the best dishes of the evening.

Created by : Jamie Scott

Served with: 2013 Riesling, Zephyr, New Zealand
Langoustine, Crispy Pork, Mussel, Lovage, Pepper Dulse
Close Up
Choosing a favourite course of the evening would be difficult, but this was certainly one of the highlights. Two perfectly cooked langoustine served with beautifully seasoned crispy pork. The flavour from the lovage was powerful and helped create a sensational dish. The skill to create a dish as good as this has to be applauded.

Created by : Chris Charalambous

Served with: 2011 Albarino Collection, Pazo Senorans, Spain
Stone Bass, Pumpkin, Brown Butter, Bergamont
Close Up
It's always pleasing to see a piece of fish cooked with true love and care. The end result was a soft and flakey stone bass packed full of flavour. The pumpkin and brown butter flavours worked in harmony and complimented the bass superbely well.

Created by : Chris Charalambous

Served with: 2012  Mersault, Oliver Leflaive, Burgandy
Venison Cooked in Coal, Celeriac, Ketchup, Golden Raisin
Another highlight of the evening was this beautiful venison dish. The venison had been beautifully cooked on coal, and was thus packed full of smokey flavours. Celeriac is one of our favourite ingredients, and in this dish it tasted fantastic, where it was nice to see not just a puree, but a portion of the vegetable as well. The Golden raisins were a good addition to the dish, adding a hint of sweetness.

Created by : Jamie Scott

Served with: 2011 Salento, Apollonia, Italy
Pear, Ginger Bear, Honey
Both of us are always sceptical of beer based desserts, but this one hit all the right notes. The sweetness from the pear and honey were a great match for the ginger beer. This pre dessert finished off the main dining experience well.

Created by : Chris Charalambous

Served with: Jurancon Moelleux, Domaine de Montesquiou, France
Connage Crowdie, Lemon, Almond, Basil
Close Up
The intense lemon cheesecake really was stunning. The texture of the portion was just right and we could easily have eaten two or three of these. The unusual basil sorbet actually enhanced the dish and helped balance the flavours on the plate. We also loved the added texture from the almonds. A close to perfect dessert to bring a fantastic evening to an end.

Created by : Jamie Scott

Chef Jamie Hard at Work
After a few outstanding meals in Glasgow recently, this was easily our best yet. The quality of the dishes from chef Chris and Jamie really were outstanding. Both chefs have achieved 3 AA Rosettes at some point in their career, and on this basis it is easy to see why. 

This was our fifth visit to Cail Bruich and we can easily say Chris Charalambous at Cail Bruich is serving the most exciting food in the whole of Glasgow. His attention to detail is impressive, and this shows in his flavoursome dishes. 
The Three AA Rosettes awarded to Cail Bruich for us are more than deserved. After each visit we always notice improvements from our previous, and we fully expect the restaurant to hit even greater heights in the near future.

It was great to see the restaurant serve right in front of us from the chefs table, as a well oiled machine. The front of house staff are a credit to the establishment. Additional, thank you for the wine explanations and selections from the newly appointed French sommelier, good luck for your time in Glasgow.

Having never tasted Jamie Scott's food before, we were very impressed by the dishes from him. He is clearly a chef who takes great care in the selection and cooking of his ingredients. His venison dish was truly outstanding and showcased his skills fantastically well. With his new restaurant opening early next year, we fully anticipate it to be a roaring success.

Finally, we must thank head chef Chris, his team, and guest chef Jamie for such a great evening. If you haven't experienced either chef's cooking we would highly recommend that you do. Both are highly talented chef's making a huge mark on the Scottish dining scene.