Bridge of Orchy Hotel

Living in the City can sometimes be hectic, and leave you dreaming of calmer times. We often feel like this, so decided to book up for a trip to The Bridge of Orchy Hotel. Located about an hour and a half from Glasgow, on the road to Fort William, this seemed the perfect location for a peaceful getaway.
Front of The Hotel
With no other options close by for dinner, we opted for a meal in the hotel restaurant. With fairly mixed experiences in hotel restaurants, we went to our dinner with an open mind and were excited for our meal after a long day of walking.
Well Stocked Bar
New Zealand White
The decor of the restaurant was fairly old fashioned but it was warm and welcoming. After a quick browse of the menu, we opted for the following:
Bread and Oil
The bread was clearly not homemade, but it certainly wasn't the worse we have tried.
Haggis & Black Pudding Bon Bons
Close Up
After a wait of about 30 minutes, we finally received our starters. Sadly these bon bons were not worth the wait. The haggis and black pudding were both over cooked and extremely dry. The pepper sauce served with the dish lacked any great flavour. Overall this was a very poor dish.
Cheese Souffle
Close Up
Unfortunately this was the biggest disappointment of the whole meal. This cheese souffle tasted like nothing we have ever tried before in our lives,  but not in a good way. The texture of the cheese souffle resembled nothing of your typical savoury souffle. This was just a lump of cooked egg and cheese with no great taste of anything. Sadly this was one of the worst dishes we have tried since starting our blog.
Fish and Chips
After the horrors of the starters, this fish and chips lifted our spirits slightly. The fish was fairly well cooked and the batter had a nice texture. The chips were hand cut, but slightly too thick for our liking. Not the worse plate of food, but certainly nothing out of the ordinary. 
Burger and Chips
The burger again was fine, but nothing more than that. The beef patty was slightly overcooked, but did have a pleasant flavour. Again the chips were slightly too thick for our liking and were very stodgy, leaving us uncomfortably full.
View From The Lounge
Usually we never miss dessert, but after two below par courses, we gave dessert a wide berth. Since starting our blog we have had some fantastic meals, but sadly this came in at the opposite end of the scale. The standard of cooking here was shockingly bad. None of the dishes showed any great imagination and all lacked any great flavour. Service was also fairly poor. The busy dining room was worked by two male waiters who both had very limited English. This led to long waits for orders to be taken, and for the food to be served.
Downstairs Area
Despite our below average dinner, the rooms and the surroundings at The Bridge of Orchy Hotel were very pleasant. Here are a few pictures of the surrounding area and some pictures from breakfast: 
Buffet Breakfast
Eggs Benedict
Fearing the worst after our meal the night before, we were pleasantly surprised by the offerings at breakfast. The egg benedict had a great texture and was packed full of flavour. 
Stunning Scenery 
That Which Burns, Never Returns
The Long Straight
Scottish Wildlife
Although we wouldn't eat at the restaurant again, but perhaps we made bad food choices. We would however highly recommend the hotel for an overnight stay. We had a very relaxing and enjoyable stay at The Bridge of Orchy Hotel. With many hills and walking paths close by it's an ideal location for walkers of all levels. If that sounds too much like hard work, the well stocked bar has a cosy fire in the corner, and makes for a relaxing spot to enjoy a drink or two.