Ten Best Dishes of 2015

In no particular order, here are our ten best dishes of 2015:

1) Shellfish Rockpool (The Kitchin in Leith - Full Review)

2) King Mull Scallops with truffled celeriac puree (Cafe Fish in Mull - Full Review)

3) Mousseline of Shetland Smoked Salmon ( Castle Terrace in Edinburgh - Full Review

4) Bouillabaisse ( Restaurant Martin Wishart in Leith - Full Review)

5) Cannelloni of Scallop (The Peat Inn in Fife - Full Review)

6) Beef, Carrot, Wasabi ( Casamia in Bristol - Full Review)

7) Foie Gras & White Pudding ( The Gannet in Glasgow - Full Review)

8) Chicken and Sweetcorn ( Fera at Claridge's in London - Full Review)

9) Langoustine, Crispy Pork, Mussel, Lovage, Pepper Dulse ( Cail Bruich in Glasgow - Full Review)

10) Chicken, Green Curry, Mushroom Bouillon (Sketch in London - Full Review)


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