Gramercy Tavern Restaurant Review

A once in a lifetime trip to New York gave us an opportunity to try some of the finest restaurants the Big Apple has to offer. With many options to choose from, Gramercy Tavern was continually recommended to us from friends within the food community.
Opened in 1994 by legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer, Gramercy Tavern has long been one of America's most loved restaurants. With a Michelin star behind it, head chef Michael Anthony and his team are clearly masters of their craft.

The restaurant is located in the lively Gramercy Park district of New York. We enjoyed a few drinks close by before arriving at the restaurant. On arrival at around 6.15pm, we were surprised to see the restaurant and bar area completely packed. The kind receptionist explained the restaurant was fully booked for evening, but we could have a table in the Tavern area which does simpler food in a more casual setting. 
Busy Dining Room
The Tavern menu was full of tempting choices, but we opted for the following:
White Sourdough
Before our meal we were served a pleasant slice of white sourdough bread. The bread had good texture, and a particularly crisp crust.
A Crisp White
Calamari & Clam Flat Bread
Unsure of how the kitchen would elevate a flatbread to greater heights, we were pleasantly surprised at how good this course tasted. The flat bread was crisp, with the star of the show being the calamari. This had been cooked superbly and worked well with the addition of the sharp lemon juice.
Ricotta Cavatelli
Close Up
Although presented fairly simply, this course showcased the many talents of the kitchen. The pasta had been cooked well, and had a pleasant texture. The braised lamb was well cooked and was packed full of flavour. We both enjoyed the addition of the almonds which added a different texture to the dish.
Monkfish, Cauliflower, Kale
Again don't let the presentation of this dish fool you. The monkfish hidden under the vegetables had been cooked perfectly. The cauliflower and barley worked well together to create a highly pleasing main course. The main flavour came from the charred kale, which was delightful.
Grilled Pork Shoulder
Although not quite as good as the monkfish main, this was still a pleasant dish. The pork shoulder was slightly over cooked, but not to the point of being unpleasant. The potatoes and cabbage had both been cooked well and served as a great accompaniment to the pork.
Chocolate Pudding Cake
The helpful waitress explained that we were not to be concerned when we were served this chocolate dessert. The chocolate was infact hidden underneath the sweet, light cream. The chocolate was rich, indulgent and with just the right amount of sweetness. The buttered peacen nuts added a pleasant texture to an enjoyable dessert.
Butterscotch Pudding
This is a dessert anyone with a sweet tooth would love. The sweet toffee and salted caramel were both very enjoyable. The quince flavour was subtle and a welcome addition to the dessert.
Additional Dessert
After just a brief conversation with the helpful waitress, she organised an extra dessert to welcome us to New York. This act of kindness was appreciated by the both of us. The coconut cake itself was highly enjoyable and finished off our meal perfectly.
Gramercy Tavern
Despite eating in the more casual Tavern dining room, we both thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Gramercy Tavern. We found the food to be fairly simplistic in presentation, but packed full of flavour. The skill shown in each dish was impressive. After a few fairly average meals at American Michelin restaurants, it's clear to see why this restaurant has a Michelin star.

Service was some of the finest we have encountered since we have started our blog. The young female waitress had bags of character and really did go the extra mile to ensure we had a great time. Many restaurants in the UK could learn a great deal from this restaurant.

Our first evening in New York was certainly an enjoyable one. Although eating in the less formal Tavern dining room, Gramercy Tavern for us is certainly worth a visit if you find yourself in New York.


  1. one to add to the list for our visit. Looks great.


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