The Modern New York Restaurant Review

Opened by Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality group in 2005, The Modern is a contemporary American Restaurant at The Museum of Modern Art, within New York City. Having held a single Michelin Star since 2006, head chef since 2014 Abram Bissell, finally gained the restaurant a second Star in the 2016 Guide.
Sculpture Garden
Wanting to finish our New York trip on a high, we booked a table at The Modern before our long flight home. On arrival to the restaurant we were initially impressed by the decor. We were slightly early so enjoyed a glass of wine in the Bar Room, where you can also enjoy food from a separate menu. We were then taken through to the main dining room and were luckily given a window seat which had beautiful views of sculptures in The MoMA's Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden. 
Bar Area
Bar Room
Main Dining Room
Stunning Decor
The lunchtime menu in the main dining room consists of two choices. Three courses for about $115, or four courses for about $120. We opted for four courses and ate the following:
Pumkin Veloute
Amazing Colour
We were served a beautiful Pumpkin velouté as the pre-starter. As you can tell from the colour, the velouté packed an intense Pumpkin flavour. The addition of the truffle foam added another dimension to the dish. We loved the nuts which had a pleasant texture. This was easily one of the finest dishes we have tried anywhere, the depth of flavour in such a small portion was truly magnificent. Signifying from the start the two star quality within the restaurant.
Bread Selection
The bread basket was served warm with salted butter, a lovely accompany to our meal.
Pistachio Marinated Red Shrimp
Attention to Detail
We were both pleasantly surprised at how this dish was served, and how it tasted. The pistachio marinated shrimps had been prepared expertly, where the shrimps had a great texture and flavour. The apple added a hint of sweetness to a highly enjoyable starter.
Tart of Foie Gras
Although the portion looks on the small side, the chef served just the right amount as anymore would of been too much due to the richness. The foie gras was silky smooth and when eaten with the sharp citrus gels, created a stunning combination of flavours.
Sea Bass & Salsify
Close Up
Cooking fish well is a skill some restaurants find difficult. This sea bass had been cooked to perfection. The fish fell apart with the slightest of touches. We loved the salsify dressing, along with the wild sorrel and lettuce. This was a very light and refreshing fish course, which also looked incredible.
Olive Oil Poached Salmon With Black Truffle
Although the last course was superb, this one was even better. The salmon had been poached stunningly, giving it an immense flavour and sublime texture. The making of the dish was the addition of the black truffle. This elevated the serving to even greater heights with its luxurious flavours.
Blanquette of Suckling Pig
Close Up
This was another dish that left us highly impressed. The suckling pig was well cooked and we thoroughly enjoyed the crispy crackling. The Kohlrabi and shallots were highly pleasant and worked well with the pork.
Chestnut Stuffed Chicken With Foie Gras Sauce
A fairly simple sounding dish, but one packed full of intense flavours. The chicken was well cooked and had been stuffed with chestnuts. The foie gras sauce was rich and sticky, a perfect accompaniment for the chicken. Our only comment would be that the portion of chicken was slightly too big, but that's us being picky.
Coconut & Mango
This pre-dessert was a coconut and mango shumai dumpling. The flavours were refreshing and it set the scene for something sweet to finish our lunch. The sorbet was eaten in one with the intense mango wrapper melting in the mouth.
Pistachio Mascarpone Mousse Cake
Stunning Presentation
The pistachio mousse cake had a pleasant texture. The pistachio flavour was light and certainly not overpowering. We thoroughly enjoyed the cranberry ice cream which was sweet and packed full of flavour.
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Close Up
This was a modern take on the American Classic "Peanut Butter and Jelly". The peanut flavour was easy to distinguish and highly pleasant. The milk sorbet was light and a clean flavour, a perfect match for the other flavours on the plate.
Chocolate Trolley
After a good meal at Bouley, and a very good dinner at Gramercy Tavern, our meal at The Modern was easily the best of our time in New York. Our previous experiences of eating at American Michelin Starred restaurant's have been mixed, but we can confirm The Modern fully deserves it's Two Michelin Stars. The attention to detail, and level of skill involved in the preparation of each dish was truly fantastic. Having now been to many Two Star restaurants in the UK and abroad, The Modern has easily been one of our favourites.

Service at The Modern was pretty much faultless. From the moment we arrived, and until we left, each member of staff we encountered were clearly very skilled. The sommelier was having problem tracking down the bottle of wine we had selected. While we waited he poured us a generous glass of white to enjoy while waited. This was above and beyond what we had expected, and the gesture was greatly appreciated.

Overall the whole experience can be best described as spectacular. The food, service and décor were all highly impressive. Two Michelin Stars are not given out freely, but at The Modern they are certainly deserved. For an extravagant meal while in New York, The Modern will certainly deliver a true Two Michelin Star experience.


Food - 9/10
Service 10/10
Decor 9/10
Toilets 10/10
Value for Money 8/10

Overall 46/50 - A truly stunning fine dining experience