Burger and Lobster Review

We have wanted to try out this chain for a while now, a recent visit to London gave us the perfect excuse. We had just finished a cycle around the city and passed St Paul's Cathedral to head towards the City restaurant on Bread St. 
The premise of the restaurant is simple you choose Burger, whole Lobster or Lobster rolls for a set price at £20 in the American style diner. There is also an interesting cocktail list available, and when we arrived on a late Thursday evening, the helpful waiter spoke us through the concept of the restaurant and how the Lobster would be cooked. The no menu style was brilliant, we knew what we wanted and what was on offer, no fuss, no hassle, just a good serving of food.

The decor is simple but effective, where the diner is immediately greeted by their dinner which is of course the live lobsters. This works as an interesting  talking point. 
Fresh Produce
Lobster Tanks
Of course we both wanted to try the Lobster but didn't think a one course review would be very interesting to read, therefore we opted for both a burger and lobster, which are both accompanied by skinny fries and side salad. So here is what we ate: 
It was explained to us that the Lobster is kept fresh by being flown in alive and well from the Atlantic Ocean, then kept within some of the biggest lobster tanks in the restaurant industry. The lobster was of a good size and served in two halves. The steamed flesh was incredibly tasty when scooped from the shell. We had tried lobster previously in high end establishments, but we can vouch that this was just as good if not better. We thoroughly enjoyed how it was served, and the method of eating with your hands was also pretty fun.
Perfectly Cooked
The server explained that the burger comes from three cuts of steak which contain natural marbling, thus captured the maximum amount of flavour. We must say that this was a very juicy and tasty serving of medium grilled beef. The toppings included bacon, salad and a secret burger sauce. All this added up to a great serving of food, which we would definitely return for. Even though this is an expensive burger, compared to the Lobster, it was still worth it.

On reflection £20 for a burger was balanced out by the luxurious lobster serving. The restaurant offers something unique to the industry. While the no menu may not be to everyone's taste, we thoroughly enjoyed it. This chain seems to be expanding and it probably won't be long until it hits the Scottish capital, where we think it would be popular. Not many restaurants in London can offer both a fun concept, matched with great food, so make sure you give this place a try next time you find yourself in the Capital.