Bread Meats Bread May 2016 Review

After a long day of shopping in Glasgow, we were craving some well deserved food. With both of us craving a burger, we made the easy decision and decided to visit Bread Meats Bread.
Bread Meats Bread
Any information on the restaurant can be found on our previous post (here). Here is what we ate on a sunny Sunday Afternoon visit:
Caribbean Burger
Close Up
The cooking of the beef burger was fantastic. We loved the contrast between spicy and sweet with this burger. The standout out component was the beautiful candied bacon which was truly fantastic. Another massive thumbs up from us for this burger.
The Full House
This burger was  packed full of flavour. The beef patty had been cooked perfectly and was full of flavour. The bbq beef brisket was messy, but not that we were complaining as it was a fantastsic addition to the burger. The spicy beef mayo added a gentle hint of spice to an all round fantastic burger.
Onion Rings
These onion rings were slightly sweet, and had a light crisp batter. A great option to go with any burger.
Buffalo Fries
The fries were crisp and had been seasoned perfectly. The hot buffalo sauce was spicy, but the blue cheese mayo stopped the heat from being too much. The addition of the crisp onions on top was an inspired choice, they were fantastic.
Our Table
This was our 3rd visit to Bread Meats Bread, and for us it gets better every visit. It's undoubtedly not just best option for burgers in Glasgow, but for us, amongst the best we have tried in the UK. Having tried a few of the better options in London, Bread Meats Bread is easily as good, if not better than most we have tried in London.

With Glasgow now overflowing with burger restaurant's, for us Bread Meats Bread is the stand out establishment. Don't just take our word for it, the sheer amount of customers visiting each day is testament to the quality of the burgers on offer.