Cail Bruich - Seasonal Tasting Menu Review

Most often after visiting a restaurant we tend not to return and review for a long period of time. Cail Bruich for us is an exception to the rule as it is local, and always delivers a top quality dining experience.

So we can get straight into the enjoyable stuff, any further information you want on the restaurant can be find (here).

After noticing online that the restaurant was offering their spring seasonal tasting menu for just £39, we knew we had to visit. After a brief walk around the busy West End,  we arrived at the restaurant full of anticipation. We were warmly greeted and shown our menus for the evening. Knowing what we wanted, we saved time and ordered two spring tasting menu's.

Here is what we were served:
New Sign 
Olives & Nuts
Restaurant Interior
Smoked Haddock Croquette
Crispy Haggis Balls
To kick off proceedings we were served some beautiful 'snacks'. The stand out was the small crispy haggis ball served with homemade brown sauce.
Sourdough Country Loaf
Sea Trout, Smoked Cauliflower
Close Up
The Sea Trout Ceviche was fresh and had been seasoned well. We loved the flavour and texture provided by the smoked cauliflower, it really was impressive. An interesting and flavoursome dish.
Hay Smoked Mousseline, Wild Herbs, Black Garlic
Close Up
Unsure of how this dish would work , we were actually really impressed by the presented portion. Despite being a carb heavy dish, it had light touches which kept it interesting. We loved the addition of the garlic which complimented the potatoes stunningly well.
Duck, Glazed Chicory, Spiced Date
Close Up
The cooking of the Duck really was spectacular. Cooked pink with a beautiful crisp skin, the Duck was incredible. Serving Duck with spiced date was a new combination for us, but we can confirm it was fantastic.
Strawberry, Gin & Tonic Granite, Apple Soda
A pleasant and flavoursome strawberry pre dessert, with just the right amount of alcohol added for our taste.
Apricot Soufflé 
Both of us are huge fans of a soufflé, and this serving was a resounding success. The soufflé was light and had a pleasant texture. with just the right amount of sweet apricot coming through.
Petit Fours
With this being our sixth visit to Cail Bruich, we were delighted to find the dishes as exciting and beautifully crafted as ever.  Through the years we have noticed a gradual improvement in standards each visit. We are happy to report this visit was our best yet.  The restaurant now has 3 AA Rosettes, which we feel it deserves.

On our first couple of visits to Cail Bruich before we had the blog, we found the service to be slightly below par. This is certainly not the case now. It's pleasing to see the service has grown with the food, and is now amongst some of the best you will encounter in Glasgow.

With the Glasgow food scene now flourishing, we feel Cail Bruich sits comfortable as the top restaurant in the City. Having now tried the lunch, market, and tasting menu's at Cail bruich, you can be sure whatever you choose you won't be disappointed.