Ox and Finch Restaurant Review

With our last visit being well over a year ago, we both felt the time was right for a return visit to the popular Ox and Finch. Everything you need to know about the restaurant can be found in our previous post (here).
Ox and Finch
Restaurant Exterior
Outdoor Seating
A sunny Wednesday afternoon seemed like the perfect excuse for our return to the restaurant. We were greeted warmly and shown to our table. As we were both driving later, we tried a few non  alcoholic cocktails which we both really enjoyed. Here is what we ate from the ever changing menu:
The crisp sourdough was every bit as impressive this time around. The bread had a pleasant flavour and texture.
Braised Pork Cheeks, Parmesan Polenta
The braised pork cheeks had been particularly well cooked. The parmesan polenta had an enjoyable texture and just the right amount of parmesan flavour.
Kale, Ramsey's Black Pudding
This was a beautiful, light and fresh summer salad. Ramsey's Black Pudding is a favourite of ours and had been impressively cooked here. The apple and pumpkin seeds added a pleasant crisp texture to the salad.
Chips With Roast Aioli
The chips were light and fluffy on the inside, and crisp on the outside. The seasoning was also spot on. We enjoyed dipping them in the roast garlic aioli.
Poached Scrabster Hake
This was the most impressive dish we were served on the day. The Scrabster Hake was cooked sublimely, thus having a stunning texture and flavour. The smoked red pepper puree was silky smooth and packed a strong pepper flavour.
Lamb Meatballs
The lamb meatballs were well cooked and of a good size. Having never tried baby ganoush before, we were both pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. The chickpeas added texture to a well thought out dish.
Delightful Dishes
Slow-Cooked Chicken, Chorizo
This was a good dish, but it didn't quite reach the heights that the others did. The chicken and the chorizo were both well cooked, but we felt the dish needed more paprika.
Dark Chocolate, Poached Cherries, Pistachio Ice-Cream
Despite being slighltly full, we couldn't resist sharing a dessert. The dark chocolate cremeux was rich, smooth and had a pleasant texture. The pistachio and cherry combination was delightful, both really worked well with the chocolate. Our only regret was not ordering another dessert as this was very enjoyable indeed.

Our first visit to The Ox and Finch was a success, but we felt this time the food was even better. The standard of the dishes coming out the kitchen is very impressive. The thing that impresses us most is the consistency of the cooking. We have tried an array of dishes from the kitchen and each dish has left us more than impressed.

Despite is being a Wednesday lunchtime, the restaurant was basically full, thus giving it a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. The service provided on the day was also first class. The female waitress who looked after our table was very charming and passionate about her job.

The concept at Ox and Finch is unique, and while it wouldn't work at every restaurant, it certainly works here. We love getting the dishes served as they are ready and having many different dishes to try. The only problem you will have at The Ox and Finch is choosing from the menu, as every dish sounds fantastic.