An Easy Rider Tour Around Dalat

Dalat is a unique part of lowland Vietnam, with a cool climate. It is said to be the honeymoon capital, and for the adrenaline junkie there are many activities available to keep you occupied. 

Being in the town for only one full day I opted for an off the beaten track tour with an easy rider (driver-guide).

The town has French influences from the past, including some great bakeries. 

The surrounding farmland is rich in vegetables and strawberry fields, which makes a valley filled with greenery and poly-tunnels.

Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world. I didn't know previously that coffee is grown in cherries, picked when red and ripe and it is the bean inside which is dried and roasted.

Weasel coffee - Farmers feed the cherries to weasels who eat the best of them and then poo out the beans. The farmers collect this and roast the beans. Creating an interesting blend.

A stop at elephant falls.

A visit inside a silk factory.

View of Dalat from panorama hill.

Flower picking and growing.

A visit to Hang Nga Crazy House, this is an architectural wonder which defies definition. The attraction also has rooms to rent, as well as the potential to get lost inside.

View of Dalat from the top of the crazy house.