House of Tides Restaurant Review

With two successful appearances on the Great British Menu, and after winning Michelin Stars at two different restaurant's, Kenny Atkinson returned home to Newcastle to open "House of Tides" in 2014. The restaurant proved to be a massive hit, and within two years of opening it was awarded a Michelin Star. 
Front of The building
Calm Before The storm
Private Dining Room
View From Our Table
The restaurant is located on the historical Newcastle Quayside within the 16th century former merchant's townhouse. On arrival we enjoyed a pre drink on the traditional looking ground floor. We were then shown upstairs to the bright and open dining room. The exposed beams set the scene for the dining room, where we loved the views from the windows over the Quay. We both noted how relaxed and vibrant the atmosphere was within the restaurant. At night the only option available was the tasting menu costing a very fair £68. The wine list also had some excellent wines at reasonable prices, this certainly isn't always the case at starred restaurants. Here is how our evening went:
These beautiful gougeres were filled with creamed cheese and caramelised onion. The Australian Black truffle on top elevated the gougeres to even greater heights. Not often are you served truffle like this.
Selection of Snacks
Chicken Liver, Curry, Golden Raisin 
Lindisfarne Oyster, Cucumber, Ginger
Carrot & Fennel Pollen
The carrot and fennel pollen meringue type bite was truly stunning, with the carrot flavour intense and easy to detect. The small cone was filled with smooth chicken liver parfait, and was well balanced with the curry and the added sweetness from the raisins. Our favourite of the three was the raw oyster with cucumber and ginger. The oyster was fresh and full of flavour.
Bread & Butter
Orkney Scallop, Lovage, Apple, Black Truffle
Close Up
The cooking of the scallop was perfect, giving it a pleasant texture and flavour. The apple's were intense in flavour and added a beautiful sweetness to the dish. Lovage is a firm favourite of ours and here it really worked with the other ingredients on the plate. Again we enjoyed the addition of the luxurious black truffle.
Close Up
The halibut had been cooked well, giving it a very pleasant texture. The kitchen also showed great skill in their cooking of the artichokes which were beautifully crisp on the outside. Serving the halibut with pea and tarragon was an inspired choice as we felt they complimented each other well.
Beef, Carrot, Parsley, Hen of The Woods
Close Up
The beef had been prepared well, but we found it ever so slightly under seasoned. We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful hen of the woods mushrooms. These mushrooms almost tasted nutty and a had a wonderful texture that made them easily the best we have tried.
Peach Elder Flower, Lemon Verbena
Close Up
The peach and lemon flavours complimented each other well. The elderflower was a pleasant addition and didn't overpower the other flavours on the plate.
Chocolate, Strawberries, Tea
Close Up
Stunning Presentation
The chocolate was intense in flavour, but without being overly sweet. The strawberries were incredibly fresh and beautifully sweet. We don't usually enjoy tea or coffee in desserts, but we actually enjoyed the subtle tea ice-cream.
Post Meal Gin & Tonic
For many years Newcastle hasn't exactly been a culinary hotspot. House of Tides has brought some attention to the area and it is easy to see why.  Although we expected a good meal, we were both pleasantly surprised at the standard the restaurant is delivering. The standard of every dish that we served was what would you would expect at a one star restaurant. Service was also excellent throughout the meal. The team came across very friendly and passionate about the restaurant.
Downstairs at End of Service
Relaxed Surroundings
Fine dining doesn't need to be serious and intimidating. Kenny Atkinson has created a wonderful restaurant where you can enjoy top class food in very relaxed surroundings. We much prefer this type of restaurant to the type where you can sometimes feel out of place. With the drive from Glasgow taking just under three hours, it is slightly longer than we would normally travel for dinner. We advise you book a hotel and stay the night and be sure to visit House of Tides and experience the best food in Newcastle.