Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin Review

Any of our long term readers will know it's not just food which we love. Over the past year we both have become huge fans of gin. Recently we were sent a bottle of Kirkjuvagr Gin by Orkney Distilling Ltd to try before it is available to purchase online. The Gin was launched in August 2016 and was initially only available to purchase in Orkney. As of October 2016 Kirkjuvagr Gin will be available to purchase online and will cost £39.99 a bottle including delivery.


The name itself means 'Church Bay' in Old Norse. It's how the vikings described the haven that grew over the centuries to become Orkney's bustling Capital, Kirkwall. To honour their Viking ancestors, the company, owned by Stephen Kemp and his partner Aly Kemp, embarked upon a quest to discover a unique blend of botanicals that would earn Kirkjuvagr mythical status.They worked closely with the Agronomy institute of the University of the Highlands and Islands to come up with a local blend of botanicals that will set Kirkjuvagr apart from the competition.


Nose: Fresh sea breeze with a sweetness reminiscent of sherbet, lemon and pine.

Palate & Finish: Starts warm and sweet with a hint of spice, followed by a floral, smooth and long finish.

Serve: With a twist of orange peel to accentuate Kirkjuvagr's citrus notes.

Our Thoughts:

We both loved the fresh sea breeze smell which strikes you straight away. The gin had a slightly sweet smell and we could also detect a slight hint of lemon. Firstly we tried it with a mixer of Fever Tree Tonic and a small amount of orange peel. After one sip we were instantly impressed with the beautiful freshness of this gin. The sweetness we could smell was also easy to detect on the palate. The slight hint of spice worked wonderfully well with the orange peel. For us the quality of a gin is how it tastes when drunk neat. After finishing our gin and tonic we poured a large measure and this time just added some orange peels. After a few sips we both agreed this Gin tasted even better when drunk neat. We could taste and appreciate the flavours from the gin, not always the case when drinking other gins. After trying many new gins over the last year we can say this would now easily make the top 10 that we have ever tried, it really was that good.