2017 - The year of the Scottish Gin

Any of our regular readers will know that it's not just food we write about. We both are also huge fans of gin. With 2017 predicted to be the best year in history for gin sales, it's only right we promote the great gins Scotland has to offer. Here is a list of the best Scottish gin's you need to try in 2017:

Isle Of Harris Gin

Out of all the gins we have tried, Isle of Harris is possibly the best we have sampled so far. This fantastic herbal, citrus and costal gin is best served with Walter Gregor's Tonic Water, a few drops of their Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water and either a slice of red or pink grapefruit.

Website: www.isleofharrisgin.com

The Botanist

This gin is made from thirty one botanicals, of which, twenty two are foraged island botanicals hand picked in a sustainable way by their very own botanical scientist's on the beautiful Isle of Islay. The Botanist is a very versatile gin, but we enjoy it simply served with tonic and a generous slice of lime.

Website: www.thebotanist.com

Pickering's Gin

This very popular gin is hand crafted at Summer hall Distillery- the first exclusive gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years. For the perfect pour add 50ml Pickering's gin, 150ml fever tree tonic, ice and a slice of pink grapefruit.

Website: www.pickeringsgin.com

Caorunn Gin

Carefully crafted in the Scottish highlands, Caorunn is a popular small batch gin. It's carefully crafted using the finest pure grain spirit, natural Scottish Water and eleven botanical gin ingredients. Caorunn is usually served with cool tonic water and slices of red apple to highlight its aromatic flavour profile.

Website: www.caorunngin.com

NB Gin

NB gin is produced in batches of less than one hundred litres in North Berwick. The gin is made using grain spirit, and eight botanicals. Despite it's success, the owners have vowed to stay a small company, only using the London Dry Process. This gin is best drunk neat over ice, and great to sip upon on a cold night.

Website: www.nbgin.com

Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin

Newly launched last year, Kirkjuvagr Orkney gin has made a very strong start within the industry. The gin is distilled in small batches using traditional copper stills in a process defined by passion, commitment and attention to detail. The botanicals used in this gin have been specially grown and handpicked by the Agronomy Institute of The University of The Highlands and Islands, at their site overlooking Kirkwall Bay. This gin is best served neat with some ice and plenty of orange peels.

website: www.orkneydistilling.com 

Daffy's Gin

Not just a lovely looking bottle, daffy's gin is a seriously good spirit to drink. Carefully balancing Lebanese mint with eight other carefully chosen botanics gives Daffy's gin an exceptionally fresh and smooth finish. This gin is best served with tonic water, lime and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

Website: www.daffysgin.com

Original Eden Mill Gin

Eden Mill Original Gin is St Andrews take on a classic London dry. Made from Fife's seabuckthorn berries, a super food that is grows within walking distance of the St Andrews distillery.  The unique berry flavour is abundent, but is well balanced with citrus elements drawn from other botanicals. This is a gin which goes well with tonic and any citrus fruits or peels.

Website: www.edenmill.com

Edinburgh Gin

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, this gin is one of the most popular gins in Scotland at present. Distilled using the finest Scottish grain spirit together with a myriad of juniper, citrus peel, orris root and angelica. Further Scottish botanicals are added including milk thistle and heather. Edinburgh gin is best served with tonic water and orange peels.

Website: www.edinburghgindistillery.co.uk