A whistle stop tour of Leeds and York in pictures

We ate, drank and were very merry on this trip, even though the weather was cold and miserable. Perhaps this worked in our favour as we visited countless cafes, wine bars, pubs and our new favourite concept, the 'cafe come bar'. Here's a quick snap shot of what we got up to while in Yorkshire:

Leeds was very surprising for us, along with many shopping centres, some with splendid architecture, see above. The city had a great night life and art scene, with venues and some galaries scattered throughout the city. 

The reason for our visit to Leeds circulated around our dinner booking for the Michelin acclaimed, "The Man behind the Curtain".

This was a great multi levelled bar we visited just around the corner from the restaurant.

The city also has the great Kirkgate Market, which has fresh food daily along with stall sellers for household goods. The seafood looked fresh, and there were some interesting hot food stands to try out as well. 

After a day and night in Leeds, we caught the train to York, taking only thirty minutes.

The Impressive York Minster.

The small cobbled streets were our favourite, including the famous "shambles", which also has a small market, which is well worth a visit. Since the weather on this trip was pretty miserable, we did seem to spend a lot of our time seeking out the best cafes and bars, here are some we visited. 

The third floor attic bar is an art gallery bar of the Harlequin cafe below. This was one of our favourites, blink and you'll miss it. A great find for coffee lovers, craft beer enthusiasts and gin appreciates. 

Sutlers houses the most gins in York, therefore we had to visit this bar. It had an awe inspiring collection separated into categories. A brilliant place to watch the world go by.

The Evil Eye bar was another firm favourite for us, the cocktails here are fantastic, along with the gin selection. A great place to get away from the busy streets for a bit, plus the food menu sounded great. There is a small off-licence at the front of the bar. 

The house of trembling madness is probably one of the most popular off-licence come bar in York, apparently dating back to the 11th Century. The selection is vast, again the bar is a great place to chill out and try a unique beer, wine or spirit.

The Habit was a quieter bar we visited. It had a nice terrace view towards the minster (not that we went out, due to the rain). Again a great place to escape the busy streets, where from the outside it looks like a coffee shop, but don't be fooled. 

We nipped in to a small pub for a drink before dinner and enjoyed a strawberry infused ale, which was certainly different. 

The Rattle Owl is where we visited for dinner one night, where there is literally the smallest off-licence, shop & bakery we have ever seen. Basically a cupboard, yet the selection was great. 

Some sweet treats we had along the way, including a visit to Betty's Tea Rooms and to the original fudge company.