Relae - Copenhagen Restaurant Review

As you may have seen over social media, we finally managed to organise a trip to Copenhagen, which we haven't stopped talking about since. Not only did we have a long list of sights we wanted to see, but of course we also had a number of restaurants we wanted to visit.

A restaurant recommended to us by many people in the past was Michelin Starred Relae. Opened by former Noma Sous-chef Christian Puglisi in 2010, Relae has gained strong reputation worldwide. Not only does the restaurant have a Michelin Star, it was recently announced as the 39th best restaurant in the world by "The World's 50 Best Restaurant's". One of the main reasons we wanted to visit is that the restaurant is the only fully organic certified restaurant in the world with a Michelin Star.

After a walk down the trendy side streets, near the restaurant, it was time for our eagerly awaited lunch. The restaurant is on street level and has an open kitchen with counter seats for a limited amount of diners to enjoy watching the service. Upon entering we were met by the finishing kitchen and the friendly front of house. Instantly we were impressed by the relaxed atmosphere (hang up your own coat) and enjoyed the 90's hip hop playlist. We were shown the menu's which were in our cutlery drawer and opted for the shorter menu costing 475 DKr, which is around £55. We also bought a bottle of organic white wine, which was very unusual, being particularly sweet.

Here is what we were served:
Goat Cheese, Radishes &Sorrel
A simple looking canapĂ© full of fresh, vibrant flavours. The radishes were incredibly fresh, and packed full of flavour, these were a nice start to the meal. 
Oyster, Bean Sprout & Juniper
The oysters were beautifully fresh, and had been prepared expertly. This was a simplistic dish which let the quality of ingredients shine. For us this is what we expected from "New Nordic" cuisine.
Potato, Parmesan & Black Pepper
Close Up
The potatoes had an unique but pleasing texture, where they had been rehydrated before cooking. However, the star of the show was the beautiful parmesan sauce which had an incredible depth of flavour.
"Pigs Head"
The pig's head had been well cooked, and was seasoned precisely. The broth was incredible, having a great depth of flavour.
Hindsholm Pork & Spring Greens
Close Up
Again, another simplistic dish where the quality of the ingredients were easy to appreciate. The Hindsholm pork was expertly cooked, and had wonderful flavour. The spring greens again were fresh and had a pleasant texture. Despite pork not being our favourite protein, this certainly was an enjoyable main course. The chef who served the dish, explained how the pigs are able to roam free.
Buttermilk & Woodruff
Close Up
When tried by itself, the woodruff was bordering on being unpleasant. However, when eaten with the milk whey and buttermilk, this worked beautifully as a dessert course. The buttermilk wasn't overly sweet and we both really enjoyed this unique dish. This dessert doesn't read great on paper, but don't let that put you off.

Considering Relae was recently announced at the 39th best restaurant in the world, we admit our expectations for this meal were high. The standard of all the dishes were of a high standard, with a few exceptional dishes thrown into the mix also. However, we do feel 39th in the world may be slightly generous. That being said, the restaurant does deliver a solid one Michelin Star experience.

The service and surroundings were also terrific. We loved the professional, but laid back service we received. Our wine and water were left on the table for us to pour as we pleased, an aspect we both felt we preferred. The atmosphere in the restaurant was as lively as we had both encountered. This made for a very relaxing and enjoyable restaurant to eat in. What we enjoyed the most was the fact the chefs served the dishes to the tables and explained the dishes in detail.

This was our first proper experience of New Nordic cuisine. We fully accept that the lack of French techniques may not appeal to everyone. While this style of food is unique, we did thoroughly enjoy our experience at Relae. It also ranks as one of the best value for money Michelin Restaurants in Copenhagen. That alone makes Relae well worth considering if you find yourself in the charming City of Copenhagen. Although we weren't fully sold on the organic wine....