Two food fanatics living and working in Scotland, we enjoy a range of experiences, from fine dining to casual dining and to be honest any type of dining with great food and a great overall experience. We aim to eat at all the best restaurants in Scotland and venture to the rest of the UK and world, aiming to give our honest opinion in our reviews. We are not professionals so each score is just our own opinion of the whole dining experience. If a restaurant is not to our taste, it doesn't mean it's not worth a visit as again it's just our opinion. We like to be anonymous reviewers, and all of the reviews on the ite have been fully paid for by us.

Our scores for each restaurant will be out of 50 and based on 5 categories which are: food, service, decor, toilets and value for money. Here is how our scoring system works:

0-5   - Terrible food and service wouldn't dream of returning, worse experience possible.

6-10 - Really bad experience wouldn't recommend going at all.

11-15-Bad experience, we didn't enjoy, felt as if there was room for improvement.

16-20 Below average experience, some changes needed.

21-25 Average experience, some things were good, some not so good.

26-30 Above average experience, on the whole an enjoyable experience.

31-35 Really good experience, we would highly recommend a visit as the experience is very enjoyable.

36-40 Must visit Restaurant, will not disappoint on any level.

41-45 Truly outstanding gastronomical experience.

46-50  World class food and Service the ultimate restaurant experience

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Our email address: scotlandeatsout@gmail.com

Our Twitter page can be found here: https://twitter.com/ScotlandEatsOut


  1. A good scoring system!

    We're always concerned about the cleanliness of a restaurant's kitchen if they have shocking toilets.

    1. Couldn't agree more, we hate nothing mor than eating nice food then the toilets are like something out an old man's pub.


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